was born out of a singular idea: Luxury jewelry can be affordable! 

Here, at, we are committed to bringing our customers amazing savings in a fun and unique way. How do we do that? Well, it begins with our expert buying team, who with over 30 years of experience has developed strong relationships with the world’s best brands. We won't drop names here, but it really is all about who you know. In the Jewelry business, brands are often left with overstock merchandise after each season. Looking to liquidate merchandise fast, brands reach out to us and offer their stock at a fraction of the cost. To make it even easier for brands to supply our customers, moved its headquarters to the world renowned Los Angeles Jewelry District which houses over 15,000 jewelry distributors.  Yep that’s right; your favorite brands are now our new neighbors, and everyone is sharing the sugar. After our expert buyers negotiate the best deals for you, the bidding begins! At, we believe the best way to purchase merchandise is to name your own price. Auctions allow our customers to assess the true cost of a product and stay in control of how much they spend. 


Happy Bidding!

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